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Abex has been established since 1998 and is an engineering consultancy which has developed a good reputation in the industry having completed several key client projects successfully to date.It's focus is primarily in the automotive industry working mainly with OEMs and first tier suppliers. The consultancy specialises in elimenating quality issues for the client by adopting simple but effective quality system and program management tools.

The consultancy typically tends to get involved at the client's design phase,thus helping to "design in" solutions which allow for ease of manufacture and reliability.

Abex is able to provide the "complete solution" whether the requirement be early in the project or the resolution of chronic quality issues which tend to have an associated "cost of poor quality".It has been clearly evident in our experience that recruiting the right resource at the early stage of the project is fundamental in minimising asociated quality costs.

As well as having over fifteen years of solid automotive experience our consultants belong to IRCA (Institute of Registered Certified Auditors).



Further info regarding IRCA can be found at www.irca.org